Laat hulle aan U toegewy wees deur die waarheid. U Woord is die waarheid.

Joh. 17:17.

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15 Apr 2010  

Rise up you mighty men of God
And take your rightful place
Get on your knees and worship Him
And seek His Holy Face

God’s looking for a few brave men
On who He can rely
Remember it’s a war out there
And to His rules you must comply

The last hour has already come
The final whistle has been blown
He wants to raise you up today
And reap the seeds you’ve already sown

You cannot be a sissy now
You need to take a stand
Never mind what the world will say
We have to take back all the land

Take up your cross of faith today
And bear it to the end
There’s never been a time like this
Our faith we must defend

Will you listen to the Mighty One ?
And  will you  heed His call ?
Come on stand up  mighty men
He’ll give you strength that you won’t fall

You must swim against the current
And move across the grain
He’ll let you ride the crest of the wave
Don’t give into evil it’ll make you wane

We have a lighter cup to bear
Of course it won’t be bliss
But to stand up for the Holy One
This is the time we cannot miss

The time has come and already is
For a few brave men to stand the test
Will it be you or you or you or me
To say ’’Lord,we here to do our best’’

Hang in there brother and let all know
It’s almost time for the King’s return
Let’s make a final altar call
And soon see all our  nations turn

Geïnspireer deur die Heilige Gees
geskryf deur Trevor Barnes


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